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Using storage is an excellent way to make the house removals process simpler.

Last week, we helped a customer move from Walkeringham to Haxey. The customer had a large house, so we had to do removals & storage as it was too much work for one day. To make the process easier, some of the items were sent to the Hive Self-storage in Gainsborough before the move. A few days later, we collected the items from storage and delivered them to the new house.

Hive Self-Storage Gainsborough

Moving to a new house is an exciting experience, but it requires a lot of work and planning before the big day arrives. Being organized is key to a successful move. One helpful tip is to move some items into self-storage ahead of time, which can give you some breathing space until you're settled into your new home. This will provide you with extra time to sort things out after moving. Storage units can help bridge the gap between moves, and they are perfect for storing non-essential items like garage items, fishing gear, motorbikes or camping equipment.

Household Contents Unloading at final destination
Removals vehicle

We can transport your goods to a nearby storage facility and keep them safe until you need them delivered to your new home. If you're in the Gainsborough area, we recommend the following storage options:

- The Hive Self Storage

- The Storage Team Gainsborough

- Gainsborough Self Store Storage

- TITAN Containers

- Scotter Self Storage

- Store Store Store - Self Storage - Kirton Lindsey

These facilities are reliable and offer excellent storage solutions to meet your needs.

Call 01427238414 for a free, no-obligation quote

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